Step 1. Create Your profile

Those candidates that have passed the phone interview with our case coordinator will have to fill out a complete application. You will describe your demographics, education, work, skills and abilities, medical history, gynecologic and fertility history, genetic history family health history and personal motivations. We advise you to give thorough answers. The more details you give, the more the intended parents will feel connected.

Please note, that you will need to provide a video presenting yourself. The length of the video should be between 2 to 4 minutes. Also, we will ask you for pictures of your childhood (including parents and siblings), teenage years, current and your own child(ren) if applicable.

GRACE provides a personalized match experience with the intended parents which means that your profile will not be available to see online. 

Matching Process Once you profile is ready, the matching process will start. We will present your profile, your pictures and your video to the intended parents. It will take from a week to about a month, depending on the specifics that the intended parents are looking for.

Step 2. Medical screening and Psychological evaluation.

Once you are matched with the intended parents, we will send the matched information with the IVF clinic that the intended parents are working with. The IVF clinic will schedule you for a screening, including a psychological evaluation.

The medical screening will include blood work and a transvaginal ultrasound. You may be required to travel the day before the screening, as the screening appointments are usually scheduled early morning. 

The psychological evaluation will be in person with a license psychologist. The length of the evaluation will be approx. 1.5 hours (MMPI test with approx. 300 questions and verbal interview). The purpose of this evaluation is to determine if you are mentally prepared to donate your eggs and if you understand the process.

After the medical and psychological evaluations, you will need to wait at least 2 weeks to get medically cleared by the IVF clinic.

Step 3. Legal contract

Once medically cleared by the IVF clinic the process will move to the legal stage. You will be represented by an attorney, which GRACE refers you to. This attorney is specialized on the subject of reproduction-assisted law. This attorney will review the contract with you and make sure that you understand the legality of the process.

Please note that the intended parents will be represented by a different attorney.

The legal clearance will take approx. 2 weeks.

Step 4. Stimulation

First of all, we want to emphasize that GRACE works with clinics with conservative approach utilizing a low dose stimulation which drastically reduces medical problems.

The injectable medication will stimulate your ovaries to produce and grow mature eggs.

During the stimulation process and before the retrieval, you would need a series of blood work and transvaginal ultrasounds that will take place in a local monitoring clinic.

The blood draws will test your hormone levels. The transvaginal ultrasound examinations allow the doctor to monitor the growth of the eggs in your ovaries. The doctor’s office will instruct you on how to take/inject your medications.

Your morning schedule will need to be flexible during this time as you will be need to go to frequent doctor appointments. You will receive medical insurance to cover complications that may arise from the injectable medications. The length of this insurance will be from the start of the medication date until 90 days after your retrieval date. The intended parents will cover the cost of the medical insurance

From the $5,000 of your compensation, you will receive $500 at the start of injectables. The remaining balance of $4,500 will be issued at the retrieval date.

During the treatment you may feel some side effects.

These effects are usually mild and may include allergic sensitivity, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, headaches and/or mood swings.

Our team will be available to you if you have any questions or concern during the stimulation process.

Step 5. Retrieval

Based on your monitoring test and on the progress that your body has made, the clinic will schedule you for a retrieval appointment. The retrieval procedure will usually take between 20 to 30 minutes plus 2 hours of postoperative recovery. During the egg retrieval you will be under sedation. Therefore it is required to have a companion driving you to and from the doctor’s office. Your companion’s travel expenses will be covered as well. For those travelling by plane please note that you won’t be able to fly back in the next 48 hours after the retrieval.

The egg retrieval is performed vaginally, and the eggs are aspirated with a needle. After the retrieval, it is very common to experience some cramping and spotting.

Once the retrieval is confirmed, your compensation for your cycle will be issued to you immediately.

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