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Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart, Together on your journey to Parenthood

 We’re devoted to guiding you through your unique surrogacy journey, whether you’re looking to grow your family or help others achieve their dreams of parenthood. We focus on high-quality care and expertise, ensuring your ultimate success on this fulfilling path.

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GRACE LLC sets the standard for personalized surrogacy experiences

We’ve revolutionized the surrogacy model, choosing to focus on quality over quantity, and customizing our services to meet the unique needs of future parents and surrogates alike. Through unwavering commitment and passion, we accompany you at every milestone, making your path to parenthood or the empowering journey of helping others as seamless as possible. Experience the essence of surrogacy with GRACE – personal, fulfilling, and uniquely yours.

A Legacy of Surrogacy Excellence and Expertise

Grace LLC is your sanctuary of surrogacy expertise, with a team of medical professionals, legal experts, and experienced surrogates led by our Surrogate Director, Ashley, who has completed 6 surrogacies. We are dedicated to your happiness and well-being, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey.

Detail-Oriented Care for a Smooth Surrogacy

We take pride in our compassionate approach and our commitment to making your surrogacy journey the rewarding experience you envision. Our meticulous attention to detail and personalized care set us apart from other agencies, ensuring your journey is as seamless as possible.

A Beacon of Recognized Trust and Success Stories

Grace LLC is a treasure trove of success stories and heartfelt testimonials from parents and surrogates. Our esteemed surrogacy agency is built on a foundation of compassion and support, weaving together countless dreams into fulfilled realities and joyous families.

Why Grace For Surrogates?

Why Grace for

Building a Path of Excellence

Our Engagement to Quality

Personalized Service

We provide a personalized approach to all aspects of your journey; before, during and after.


We coordinate your surrogacy journey with knowledge, efficiency, organizational skills, all while maintaining the ethics that you deserve.


We respond to emails, text, and calls within 24 hours.


We provide a personalized approach to all aspects of your journey; before, during and after.


Our team is multilingual and can help you with the communication between all parties involved in your cycle.

Third Party

Our referral to third-party professionals that are needed in your journey will be based on their performance, efficiency, organization and prior customer satisfaction.

How It Works

Expert Guidance Throughout Your Journey

Trust us to guide you through this transformative journey and make your dreams of parenthood a reality.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother: Transforming Lives Forever.

Create miracles for others and fulfillment for yourself.

The decision to become a surrogate mother with GRACE LLC is a profound journey of love and selflessness that doesn’t just change the lives of intended parents, but yours as well. Throughout every step of the process, we are committed to prioritizing your health, well-being, and peace of mind, enveloping you in our constant support.

Experience the Miracle of Parenthood Through Surrogacy.

Bring your dreams to life.

Nothing compares to the joy of welcoming a new life into your world. At GRACE LLC, every step we take is dedicated to making this beautiful dream a reality for those who yearn for it. We pledge to be your steady hand from inception to birth and beyond, providing expert guidance, support, and care when you need it most.

The Special Bond

Surrogates and Intended Parents

Discover the profound emotional tie that surrogacy nurtures between an altruistic surrogate and the aspiring parents. Surrogacy is not merely a process, it’s a shared journey of dreams, determination, and unparalleled emotional connectivity.

This relationship often transcends the birth of the baby, flourishing into a during bond that lasts a lifetime. Dive into these heartfelt snapshots and testimonials to catch a glimpse of the love and fulfillment that surrogacy brings.

Our Team

Meet the GRACE LLC Team

Our Passionate Experts Dedicated to Making Surrogacy Dreams Come True.

Olga Diaz Founder & CFO Grace LLC

Olga Diaz

Founder & CFO

Gaelle Vicent CEO Grace LLC

Gaelle Vincent


Ashley Gray Surrogacy Director Grace LLC

Ashley Gray

Surrogacy Director

Erika Martinez Office Manager Grace LLC

Erika Martinez

Office Manager/Insurance Liaison

Catalina Leon

Accounting Report Specialist

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Surrogacy grace logo tagline

GRACE has created a new model for surrogacy with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, and a strategic development of services to meet the unique needs of the future parents and the surrogates.



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